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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
rachel posted at 8:04 AM | 0 Noticed Me

everything lost it's taste today.
my appetite left with a little of me.
i don't know if i should be angry or not.

on a happier note i met Friday the thirteenth the cat (:

Monday, July 28, 2008
rachel posted at 7:41 AM | 0 Noticed Me

this is how it feels to lose a friend,
must be how it feels to break up,
this how it feels to fall and get up again,
fall and get up again,
fall and get up again,
and then fall and get spat at.

i've never been hurt this bad before.
i felt like i had hooks on the lower parts of my cheeks,
pierced and hanging with weights on the ends,
they weighed my smile down.
and it hurt to try, literally.
it was virtually impossible to feel better again.
rachel posted at 7:08 AM | 0 Noticed Me

there's something broken inside of me.
water spills out of the wrong place.
like a tap it goes on and on.
i hold my breath and pray it'll stop.

it never does.

it never does.

it never does.

i was vulnerable.
i wore my heart on my sleeve for the short time i knew you.
everything in me screamed to be weary.
but i didn't listen.

i was blinded then.
i am blinded now.
but from different things.

i'll never allow it again.
i hope

Friday, December 28, 2007
rachel posted at 7:01 AM | 0 Noticed Me


Okay this is not for the purpose of humiliation, just that josh and i FINALLY beat the coach! whoohoo! Well.. yeah. he probably gave us chance considering we were so dead beat yesterday, but still. The nerves finally didn't get to us, it didn't affect the game at least. haha. We had soooo many stupid 40 love, or 30 love then deuce, advantage to us, deuce again, advantage to him, deuce, and back and forth too many times. So i think we "earned" it. lol. Not really, but he had his revenge tonight when we had us do all the drills, THANK GOD tennis was at night tonight. phew.. it would have been TORTURE if it was in the hot sun! today our best was 40 love. But too bad we lost in the end. VERY TRAGIC. haha.

About yesterday! Yeah. So for the zoo we all prayed for good weather, and all thanks to God there was NO RAIN and no hot sun. It was PERRRFECT! i had to wear my sweater there because i was wearing one of my new tank toppy girlie tops so i didn't want to not cover, so i was like GOD PLEASE DON'T LET IT BE TOO HOT (: I only said my short prayer for no rain when i was in the queue but it's still counted (: so yay! When we were at the water show, with the penguin, seal and i think like pelicans i think there was a little drizzle and we were all like, nope, we prayed so it'll go away. And thank God it did! So prayer works! Not to mention during tennis yesterday it was cloudy and i was so afraid it would start raining and sabotage my crucial exercising. But the dark clouds just drifted and drifted, and then some more came and i was like NOOOO... but it didn't rain! (: Thank God it was cloudy too! Or tennis would have been awful. Monday it was SCORRCHINGGG, perspire like crazy. So on wednesday and thursday it was cloudy AND windy. yay! God is sooo great. Love him lots <3333

Oh, okay so this part please don't read if you're going to criticize, which might actually make you want to read this but i had to warn you. Or if i get some shit i'll be like damn. so you've been warned.

Okay so i was bathing and listening to BBC yesterday night when i heard about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. So i just started thinking, death is horrible. Especially murder because with life lost so are opportunities. That's all.


rachel posted at 3:39 AM | 0 Noticed Me

I'll blog about the zoo on new years. I want to get all thr photos before i do. I have it all "planned out" don't worry. lol. why would you? haha. anyway, i do.

I'm so new to all this so i'm just going to play by the rules. We'll see how it goes that way.

God spoke to me today. Not that he doesn't but just that today was about something bad. Something i didn't want to hear. I was thinking about it yesterday but it was just one on the list of excuses i had to get out of something, then today ahna told me about some stuff about her boyfriend and she showed me this book, it's "God's little instruction book for women" she said my mom wanted to throw it out but she kept all the self-help-God-books, you know, like this one. So i was like oh okay. And i took it and i did the random page flip thing and DAMMNNN, i hate it when i do that because honestly it works for me. Sometimes. I don't advise it but i do it. Ahhhh i don't know how to deal with it.

Okay i had a really weird feeling yesterday. I just really felt like crying, so i stayed downstairs to watch grey's anatomy till 11 then i went up and gervais told me i am sam's a sad show. I tried to find it but i couldn't find it so i was like.. then i watched gossip girl but i couldn't watch it till the end because of fear of a sad ending. which is kinda contradictory to my feelings. So i was like what? but.. i dunno!

Sorry today's post is pretty badly written. I'm going for tennis now. I'll add in yesterday's post when i get back.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007
rachel posted at 9:26 AM | 0 Noticed Me

All this was done in the transition from Christmas day to boxing day. I don't exactly know when the domino formations and videos were made and taken but some of it was on christmas day and some of it on boxing day.. like you care. lol. It would have been posted earlier but blogger at some weird problem, or my computer.. BLAME THEM! haha. So sorry to keep you waiting and yearning for these much awaited five star short films.

Failed attempt #1

Failed attempt #2

Failed attempt #3

Attempt #4 Everything in love, whoohoo!

Attempt #5 This one was a little adventurous, the most adventurous you can get with dominos at least..

Attempt #6

All these domino formations were thought of and done by Joshua Yee. Thank God his brilliance was not wasted. wth. haha.


rachel posted at 9:13 AM | 0 Noticed Me

I was going to post something, but blogger's giving me problems, so i guess you'll have to wait a little. Just a small delay. Look forward to videos on boxing day! merry boxing day :D

I woke up late on christmas morning, noon.. plusplusplus, so if you calculated, i woke up at about 1300h, plus. I listened to BBC and brushed my teeth, cleaned up and walked down for breakfast, the usual, oatmeal with silk soya bean milk (DA best) I had my breakfast with the family lunch. Then somewhere in between my breakfast got mixed with lunch, and i guess you can call that my brunch. Literally, brunch. It was sandwich minus the bread plus oatmeal. So i had alfalfa sprouts with mom's DELICIOUS ham (wa lao si bei power) hahaaha, wth. Some "french" phrase i learnt later in the day at the christmas dinner with chef ryan and guests at number something king albert park. Oh, i drifted off again, so that's oatmeal, alfalfa sprouts, mom's superb ham, salad vegetables and cherry tomatoes which i LOVEE.

Later i "completed" my odd commonwealth essay which i hope does not get released to anyone but the necessary marker. It's totally weirddd. haha. Mom called while i was halfway through it to tell me about her plans to go to orchard road for more last minute shopping. Thank God for my enthusiasm for shopping, because if i told her i didn't want to go shop along orchard, she would have been greatly devastated by the closure of orchard road, hindering her much anticipated shopping escapades. The memory of the announcement about the closure of orchard i had heard on the radio on christmas eve only came to me when the parents got home and mom was all excited about driving over to orchard road. Oh well.

I felt all bored and drained at isetan during shopping because i had that i-want-to-sneeze feeling the whole time and my nose was red. I hate it when my nose is red, or pink, or a shade of pink, not that i want my nose to be pale but just the same colour as my face is appreciated. After buying all the heavy household presents, mom and i walked down to wheelock place where my wanted calender has been sold out for the longest time and is not coming back, which breaks my achey-breakey heart ): By the time we walked over, dad was calling and mom was all pissy cause it was annoying so i couldn't run over to the FAR AWAY music section of borders to buy my ultra cheap maroon5 cd which was TOTALLY HALF PRICED the last time i checked, ONLY $11.50, get yours now! they have hinder, well i only saw 1 cd left though, hinder, maroon5, i think mary j blige, i can't really remember the rest. I hope the next time i go, they still have that ULTRA TERRIFIC OFFER. I had to sit in the back with dad's plane on the way home which kinda got on my nerves but i shut up.

I took out like 6 potential tops for the christmas dinner, it was sooo stressful, not mom-stressful (mom get's stressed VERY, TOO easily) but a little stressful, i finally decided to wear my new top from coat- mom's suggestion. I was too annoyed to not go by her decision. We left the house pretty late, which is fine with me because it's normally pretty awkward for me there anyway. I ended up trying to talk to josh, about sims and stuff. Then he went to the bathroom and i sat with uncle ryan and the rest and he was sooo super funny. HAHAA. First time i had so much fun. Last year was okay though. Talking with the adults, but this year was so much fun, enough fun to make us stay till almost everybody else was gone, and MISS CON came.. den den den den (the mozart scary tune) or den ne ne ne de ne ne ne(the twilight zone theme) haha. Thank God i'm not in mgs anymore. Well, not really, i'd love to be there, but, you know. So i just said merry christmas but i didn't say merry christmas miss con or that'd be a real giveaway, though my mom did, blew my cover! haha, OMG. gervais was sending me all the FUNNY videos last night. OMG. super funny. laugh my ass off like CRAZYYY mann. haahhhaaha. oh yeah, gervais i beat you! HAHAAHHAAHA.